50 Cent Net Worth 2015

50 cent net worth: Us rapper, acting professional, entrepreneur and businessperson, 50 Cent includes a net worth of  around $150 million somewhere around

Born  July 6, 1975, in South Jamaica, Curtis Jackson III was raised by his drug abuser mom during his the child years while he shifted with his grandpa and grandma right after his mother deceased. Curtis Jackson started off training boxing while also working together with drugs and he furthermore competed in the Junior Olympics as being an novice boxer. Studying at Andrew Jackson High School, Curtis was seen with weapons along with drugs when he was merely 16 followed by he was sent to correctional boot camp. He then obtained his nick name ’50 Cent’ which had been derived from a Brooklyn robber, Kelvin Martin.

Personal Profile of 50 Cent

  • Complete name: Curtis James Jackson III
  • Profession: Rapper, Actor, Entrepreneur, Investor
  • Height: 6  Feet
  • Bodyweight: 220 lbs (99 kilos)
  • Ethnicity: African American
  • Nationality: United states
  • Date of Birth:  July 6, 1975
  • Marital status: Single
  • Kids: Just one ( Marquise Jackson)

50 Cent begun his music profession being a rapper performing for close friends as well as actively playing turntables as instrumentals. His awesome rapping abilities noticed him get introduced to Jam Master Jay who had his own records by a good friend followed by 50 Cent learned writing choruses, structure his tunes, count bars and also produce a record. 50 Cent then produced his first official appearance with the Onyx in 1998 on a song ‘React‘ from the album ‘Shut ‘Em Down‘.

50 Cent was shortly found by Trackmasters who signed him up after which he recorded THIRTY-SIX songs in 2 weeks out of which EIGHTEEN had been included in his album ‘Power of the Dollar‘ in 2000. 50 Cent went up to dominance by means of his questionable underground single ‘How to Rob‘ which grew to be a success and got replies from numerous well-liked artists for example Jay-Z, Big Pun, DMX, Sticky Fingaz and Nas.

50 Cent was noticed by Eminem through Guess Who’s Back? CD, that found him get presented to Dr. Dre and he went on to sign a $1 million record deal followed by he produced the mixtape No Mercy, No Fear. 50 Cent’s net worth observed its boost for a second time following one more contract with Chris Lighty’s Violator Management and Sha Money XL’s Money Management Group. His first advertisement debut album Get Rich or Die Tryin’ has become a success generating over 872,000 sales and also ranking #1 in the Billboard 200 of which the lead single ‘In da Club’ broke Billboard record to be the most listened-to track on radio station just within a week after the launching.

50 Cent snapped up his own label named G-Unit Records via Interscope in 2003 and signed Tony Yayo, Lloyd Banks and Young Buck together with whom he produced Beg for Mercy. 50 Cent’s net worth in year 2004 was noted to be close to $90 million together with record sales and also endorsements via Reebok International, and refreshment sponsorship.

Besides his music profession, 50 Cent has additionally snapped up vital reputation in many career fields. Soon after cooperating with Glaceau to create Formula 50, a supplement water drink, his net worth rose further after Coca-Cola acquired the product for $4.1 billion that made him a stake holder of around $100 million from the package. His cameo appearance in a number of Television shows and films such as Simpsons, Home of the Brave, Righteous Kill, etc also have founded himself as an acting professional.

50 Cent was in a relationship together with Shaniqua Tompkins with whom he had his 1st boy Marquise Jackson and the couple have proceeded to have a lot of legal issues jointly. He went out with Vivica A. Fox in 2003 though the relationship could last just for a few months.

50 Cent has also been involved with penny stock investments and lots of other social media recommendations. He also is a good ardent fan of motor vehicles and holds Ferrari F50, Lamborghini Murcielago, as well as Ferrari 599GTB although furthermore having numerous mansions of excellent worth. Getting through numerous obstructions in his remarkable life, 50 Cent’s turn out to be one of the talked over figure in the music industry and his business-knowledgeable nature helps make him among the richest rappers these days.

50 Cent’s net worth was estimated to be all-around $270 million a couple of years before. However he gone bankrupt and could not even pay a $5 million in payment to his opponent Rick Ross’ baby mama, Lastonia Leviston, who sued him for posting a sex tape online to large numbers of visitors in an attempt to humiliate Ross. However, Forbes positions his assets at $155 million in 2015.

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Dita von Teese Net Worth

Dita von Teese Net Worth
Well-known burlesque professional dancer and sophisticated style model Dita von Teese is famous for her old style outfits and makeup as well her appealing body. Her resembling of style from Golden Age-era Hollywood movies turned more than a leisure activity. Collectively with her excellent appearance it was sufficient for her to make a living from it. By 2015, Dita von Teese’s net worth is unbelievable $2 million.

She takes old style to a completely new degree. In her free time, von Teese gathers vintage china as well as owns numerous old vehicles. She lives in a high-class house on Hollywood, California. Dita guest-starred on CSI: Crime Scene Analysis, Top Chef Masters, and Project Runway. She likes pets and various times conveyed her assistance to PETA.50 cents net worth

Dita von Teese has a extremely exciting relationship life. She confessed various romances with females but dates mainly guys. From 2002, Dita was dating Marylin Manson. He certainly knew the best way to deal with Dita and gave her 1930’s ring with 7-carat diamond. The romantic relationship came in marriage in 2005. On the other hand, this high-profile couple separated 2 years later. In between years 2009 and 2012, Dita was dating a French national aristocrat Louis-Marie de Castelbajac. Also see Hannah Bronfman Net Worth

Hannah Bronfman Net Worth

Hannah Bronfman Net Worth
Well-known DJ and model Hannah Bronfman is likewise an heiress of super wealthy Edgar Bronfman, Jr., former Chief executive officer of Warner Music Group. But till (and if) she in herites her family wad of cash, she has to offer for herself. And it appears to be like Hannah is excellent at it. As f 2015, her projected net worth is above $1.5 million.

Hannah is having relation with fellow DJ Brendan Fallis. He is as well  a manager at Theophilus London. The couple met in 2011 at a nightclub and based to their own words these folks were “both grey-out drunk.” Wonderful Hannah has Jewish and African origins and jointly with Brendan makes truly lovely couple. 50 cents net worth

Apart from DJing, Bronfman had just lately also various achievements as a model. She for instance walked the runway at DKNY‘s Fall 2014 Fashion Show. Hannah is a health and fitness lover and her eye-catching body is the best evidence of it. She also co-founded a cell phone app Beautified that enables folks to reserve last-minute beauty solutions (gyms, spas, beauty salons etc). She certainly acquire some business minded mindset after her dad. Also see Francisco Lachowski Net Worth

Francisco Lachowski Net Worth

Francisco Lachowski Net Worth
Brazilian male fashion model Francisco Lachowski is extremely well-known but didn’t show up yet on the listing of top paid male celebrities. His approximated yearly wage is $400,000. His overall net worth is roughly $750,000 by 2015. His money is gradually increasing since he received Supermodel of the World contest back 2008.

With regards to dating life, Lachowski is type of discreet. He dated hot Jessiann Gravel Beland back in 2011 and if you speculate what his present romantic relationship position is, he wedded Jessian in 2013. She gave birth to their child Milo. Francisco also modeled numerous times with Barbara Palvin and a lot of their fans therefore made presumptions about their love. On the other hand there’s no evidence of Francisco actually dated Barbara. Also read 50 cent net worth

As his net value grows fast recently, it’s hard to think that this attractive male model had tough start. He once mentioned, that his initial job earned him only 100 reais (roughly $44). When remembering his youthful years, he confesses spending almost everything he gained but nowadays he claims to plan economically in order to support his family members. Also see River Viiperi Net Worth

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 River Viiperi Net Worth
Spanish men model River DelfĂ­n Canomanuel Viiperi identified basically as River Viiperi was recently popular due to his romantic relationship with United states professional superstar Paris Hilton. However he has also really well compensated job. Being a model, he creates some significant income. As of 2015, Viiperi’s net worth is approximately $1.2 million.

In 2012, Viiperi breafly dated celebrity Sara Sampaio. When the couple split, River quickly began a romantic relationship with Paris Hilton. Unnecessary to say the young and wealthy couple relished plenty of media focus. Tabloids where filled with images of them kissing, having hands in hands, going for holiday and etc. In 2014, anything went incorrect and the romance wrapped up with break up. Also check 50 cent net worth

As of 2015, River is however single and his net value continues expanding. He has a agreement with Uno Models. He also presented a short while ago in a completely new photo shoot for GQ Japan. In 2015, River had 215,000 fans on his Instagram account. He’s certainly among the most acknowledged male models of current times.Also see Genevieve Morton Net Worth

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Genevieve Morton Net Worth
Stunning South African model Genevieve Morton is recognized generally for her amazing bikini pics. In 2015, she was also chosen for Maserati advertising and marketing campaign. Even during this case she dressed in only swimwear on one of the pictures. As 2015, Morton’s net worth is remarkable $1.5 million. Let’s have a close look on her personal lifestyle now.

Apart from Sports Shown, Morton presented also for Boxer, GQ, FHM, and various other publications. In 2012, she showed up in the Gavin DeGraw’s music video Sweeter. Morton also went to David Letterman show one time. Her profession is still growing and same with her net worth. Also read 50 cent net worth

With regards to relationship life, Morton is aware how to maintain a secret. On the other hand, media introduced some gossips in 2014 that this hot swimsuit model is dating wealthy media heir Justin Murdock. If that’s real, Morton got herself fairly a catch. His dad belongs to the wealthiest people in the entire world in accordance to Forbes. Also read Annabelle Neilson Net Worth

Annabelle Neilson Net Worth

Annabelle Neilson Net Worth
Born in an wealthy aristocratic family members, Annabelle Neilson been able to increase her social reputation as well as money much more when she wedded wealthy investor Nathaniel Philip Rothschild. In year 2014, Neilson began showing up regularly on a reality tv sequence Ladies of London. Neilson’s net worth is presently approximated being about $20 million.

Bravo channel showed up with a new reality sequence Ladies of London in year 2014. Neilson was a part of the primary cast since the initial season. We don’t know what her wage per show is but considering that her time is extremely worthwhile we're certain she’s royally compensated.

Being a model, young Annablle led actually crazy life. In 2000, she joined Laureus Fashion Party at Monte Carlo Sports Club, Monaco in a extremely bold outfit. Apart from black under wear, Neilson dressed in only what seemed like a dress made out of spiderweb and was pure the same manner. Anybody could obviously see her eye-catching bosom but at one moment Neilson went even farther and slipped one of the bands down from her shoulder.

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